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    PMEs today will eventually be the Rank & File of tomorrow!!!

    That’s the indelible imprint left in many a mind after the insightful sharing session by Mr Patrick Tay, Assistant Secretary-General, NTUC Director, Legal Services Department/Professional, Managers and Executives Unit, on 21 March.

    Mr Patrick Tay was invited to speak in our latest “Ask the Experts series” session to share on the latest changes to the employment landscape  for our local Professional, Managers and Executives (PMEs), and the NTUC’s most current initiatives in support of our local professionals, primarily through the 4P framework - Protection, Progression, Placement & Privileges.

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    The profile of today’s employee may well be a female, a dual-income earner, or a senior, all of whom are technologically savvy and digitally connected globally. Expectations have also changed and work-life balance is now a key concern for these employees. How then, do employers manage, attract and retain talent in an evolving employment landscape, shorter business cycle and increasing 24/7 workplace environment?

    Here are three simple strategies that you, as an employer can implement to manage, attract and retain today's talent.


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    On the second day of the “Finishing Well” workshop, participants learnt how to better manage their finances especially in times of a career transition. Personal finance covers a wide array of topics such as banking, investing, savings , spending, insurance, debt ratio and more. We bring you 5 key tips on managing your finances. 


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    Happiness is having a purpose in your life. Some may say happiness comes from doing the things you love; others say being successful and making a lot of money makes them a happy person. Both of the above only relates to one thing – wealth or having the financial means to support your way of life.

    It may shock many to realise that the purpose of life is not your final goal, i.e. earning your first million dollars by age 30. Rather than seeing wealth as your purpose in life, it is only an enabler, a tool that allows you to live the way of life you have always wanted.

    0n 13 and 14 March 2014, CaliberLink organised a “Finishing Well” seminar to help participants to identify their purpose in life and to learn how to better manage one of the most important life enabler – wealth. The two day seminar started with participants identifying their purpose in life. In the first part, we bring you five tips to help you identify your purpose in life.

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