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    With more than 20 global logistics players based in Singapore, the industry is an exciting and dynamic one, which provides local professionals with endless career opportunities ranging from service provider to customer-facing. We bring you a snapshot of 5 success factors to enhance your chance of making the right career transition move from Mr Thomas Chee, General Manager of Batamindo Shipping & Warehousing Pte Ltd. Mr Chee was  the keynote speaker at the Career & Life In Logistics and Supply Chain Sector which was jointly organised by CaliberLink and Singapore Logistics Association on 29 Jan 2015 at the Lifelong Learning Institute.

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    Besides honing your skills to stay ahead in a competitive job market, how else do you enhance your employability, stay relevant and make Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely (SMART) moves for a successful career journey?

    Here are some top tips to help steer you to the path of career success. 

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    In a session peppered with laughs and guffaws, popular Mediacorp celebrity  Gurmit Singh, shared his life journey on opportunities and challenges he faced  during our movie screening of “Taxi! Taxi!”.

    Gurmit opened his sharing by first inviting the participants to shake the hands of five strangers and introduce themselves. This was used as an opportunity to illustrate his point on the need to know people in order to create opportunities for oneself.

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    If you were retrenched twice at the peak of your career in your 40s and then again in your 50s, would you:

    (a)  Lament that life sucks and feel angry for a long time and become a disillusioned person OR

    (b) Help your fellow colleagues find new jobs as  you take on a new role in a new industry yet accepting a 40% pay cut

    Guess which option Mr Bryan Yeo, "a survivor of retrenchment", took?

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